Bishop’s Writings

bishopsThe Rt. Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Peddle, Bishop of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador

Welcome to the website of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador! Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are a regular guest I pray that your visit will be a blessing for you. Please take some time to explore our website to see what our church community is all about.

We are a diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada located on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and across most of Labrador. With 37 parishes and over 30,000 members, our diocese supports a large range of parish, teaching and institutional ministries for people of all ages. If you have any questions about our diocese do contact me at our Diocesan Synod Office (709-576-6697).

With my every blessing,
The Right Reverend Dr. Geoffrey Peddle
Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador


Bishop’s Sermons, Writings, etc.

Jan 17, 2019
NEWLetter from the Bishop, January 17, 2019
Nov 9-10, 2018 Bishop’s Charge to Synod – The Future of the Church and the Church of the Future
May 30, 2018 A Letter to the Superintendent and Staff of the Newfoundland & Labrador Correctional Centre for Women from the Bishop and Cathedral Chapter of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador
May 04, 2018 Address to the Council of Churches 20th Anniversary
Jun 03, 2017 Opening Address – Faith in the Public Square 2017
Apr 19, 2017 Announcement of Cathedral Chapter 2017-2020
June 19, 2016 Cathedral Sermon – Nativity of St. John the Baptist
May 12, 2016 Oration for CLB Drum Major William Tilley
May 06, 2016 Bishop’s Letter re: Fort McMurray fires
Apr 22, 2016 Bishop’s Charge to Synod 2016
Apr 21, 2016 Synod Ordination Sermon
May 24, 2014 Synod Address “Diocesan State of the Union”
May 23, 2014 Synod Sermon “You are the Body of Christ”
Jan 19, 2014 Bishop Peddle’s Inaugural Sermon

Bishop’s Pastoral Letters

Apr 2017 Pastoral Letter for Easter 2017
Apr 2017 Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and People
Mar 2017 Faith in the Public Square
Feb 2017 Bishop’s Letter to the Muslim Association of NL
Jul 2016 Pastoral Letter on Marriage Equality
Sep 2015 Pastoral Letter on Refugees
Apr 2015 “Our Church and the Future”
Mar 2015 “Our Church and the Marks of Mission”
Feb 2015 “Our Church and the Kingdom of God”
Jan 2015 “Our Church and Community”
Dec 2014 “Our Church and Education”
Nov 2014 “Our Church and its Children”
Oct 2014 Pastoral Letter to the Parish of St. Philip’s
Oct 2014 “Our Church and its Hospitality”
Sep 2014 “Our Church and its Possessions”

Moments of Grace – Bishop Geoff’s Newsletter

Jan 08, 2019 The Businessman and the Bishop
Dec 15, 2018 Making it Home Makes it Christmas
Dec 06, 2018 Ordinary Saints
Nov 27, 2018 Defend O Lord, your servant …
Nov 19, 2018 Let us go forward together
May 19, 2018 An Interview with the Reverend Derrick Bishop
May 12, 2018 An Interview with Amber Tremblett
Apr 19, 2018 An Interview with Ruth Bugden
Apr 11, 2018 The Future of the Church … or … The Church of the Future?
Apr 04, 2018 The Lord is Risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!
Mar 19, 2018 My Alma Mater … Queen’s College
Mar 07, 2018 from the desk of LARRY JACOBSON
Feb 22, 2018 The Archdeaconry of Trinity, Conception, Placentia
Feb 14, 2018 A deserted place on Ash Wednesday
Feb 02, 2018 My Old Friend Doug
Jan 24, 2018 Dispatches Along the Trans Labrador Highway
Jan 15, 2018 “I Have a Dream”
Jan 05, 2018 The Feast of the Epiphany
Dec 22, 2017 Merry Christmas from Shibob!
Dec 16, 2017 My Old Friend John
Dec 06, 2017 A Time to Listen. A Time to God Deeper.
Jun 10, 2017 Welcome to Anglican East NL
May 27, 2017 Faith in the Public Square
May 10, 2017 “The Great Spiritual Migration”
Apr 14, 2017 An Easter Letter
Mar 31, 2017 Fridays with “Minnesota Fats”
Mar 19, 2017 My Steady Anglican Faith
Mar 01, 2017 An Ash Wednesday Reflection
Feb 10, 2017 Letter from Larnaca
Jan 25, 2017 A Prayer for Christian Unity
Jan 09, 2017 Happiness is the smell of fresh-baked bread
Dec 23, 2016 From Advent to Christmas in One Hour
Dec 13, 2016 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Dec 06, 2016 “Praise the Lord with harp: sing praises unto him with the lute, and instrument of ten strings” (Psalm 33:2)
Nov 10, 2016 Big Ministry in a Big Land
Oct 26, 2016 Muskrat Falls Reimagined
Oct 08, 2016 I give thee my troth…
Sep 23, 2016 Welcome Back!
Sep 04, 2016 From my home to yours
Jul 01, 2016 Where once they stood – from Beaumont Hamel, France
Jun 22, 2016 “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing”
Jun 02, 2016 The cup of water given for thee…
May 24, 2016 Archways and Doorways
May 17, 2016 In Memory of Sam Cooke (“Wonderful World”)
Apr 02, 2016 The Church has left the Building
Mar 19, 2016 The Mystery of it all
Mar 05, 2016 Amazing Grace how sweet the sound…
Feb 24, 2016 Keeping Lent and keeping up
Jan 27, 2016 Carry on CLB
Jan 17, 2016 All Aboard
Jan 08, 2016 An Epiphany in Trinity Bay
Dec 15, 2015 Homeless Jesus
Dec 07,2015 A Servant of All
Nov 20, 2015 How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?
Nov 11, 2015 “Memory and Remembrance”
Oct 23, 2015 “Breaking bread and serving God”
Oct 16, 2015 “Meeting my kindergarten teacher again for the first time”
Oct 08, 2015 Memories of Rigolet”
Sep 30, 2015 I am Mary, a servant of Jesus Christ…”
Sep 17, 2015 “My church at its very best”
Sep 09, 2015 “God save the Queen”
Jun 02, 2015 “Lord teach us to pray”
May 21, 2015 “One Year”
May 12, 2015 “A Perfect Day”
May 04, 2015 “Time doesn’t take away from friendship, nor does separation”
Apr 26, 2015 “And those whom I have forgotten, do thou, O Lord, remember”
Apr 21, 2015 “I am the Church!  You are the Church!”
Apr 18, 2015 “Keep calm and follow God’s GPS”
Apr 08, 2015 “It’s the people, not the steeple”
Apr 03, 2015 “Love one another…”
Mar 28, 2015 “Brokenness into Blessing”
Mar 19, 2015 “In Celebration of a life well lived…”
Mar 12, 2015 “The Greatest Generation”
Mar 05, 2015 “Who are the Children in your Neighbourhood?”
Feb 26, 2015 “Happy Birthday!”
Feb 18, 2015 “Take, O take me as I am”
Feb 12, 2015 “Desiderata”
Feb 01, 2015 “Many Rooms”
Jan 23, 2015 “A House becomes a Home”
Jan 15, 2015 “More than I could ask or imagine…”
Jan 06, 2015 “And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?”
Dec 24, 2014 “Behold, I bring you Good News of Great Joy.”
Dec 17, 2014 “For I was in prison and you visited me.”
Dec 09, 2014 “Toast and Tea”
Dec 03, 2014 “In Christ There is No East or West”
Nov 26, 2014 “Faith, Family, Friends, and Fortitude”
Nov 20, 2014 “Unity in Diversity”
Nov 13, 2014 “The Ultimate Outsider”
Nov 04, 2014 “All Saints and All Souls”
Oct 27, 2014 “From South River to Afghanistan”
Oct 21, 2014 “A Deserted Place”
Oct 13, 2014 “Welcome Home!”
Oct 08, 2014 “Breaking Bread Together”
Oct 6, 2014 “You have a son!”

Bishop’s Academic Papers & Presentations

Nov 2017 The Bishop in the Church
 Dec 2011  The Anglican Church in Newfoundland: An Exceptional Case? – PhD Dissertation
June 2015 Statistical Trends in the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada 2014
Sept 2014 Statistical Trends in the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada 2013
Aug 2012 Statistical Trends in the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada 2012
Sept 2012 A Unique Hospitality Ministry in a Newfoundland Church: What’s Really Happening? (co-authored with Jolene Peters)