Mandate the umbrella organization for all of the Men’s Service Clubs in the Diocese. There are currently 12 active Men’s Service Clubs that make up D.A.M.A. and we get together in worship and fellowship to share some ideas and experiences so that we can better serve our individual congregations.

We usually have four general meetings a year. Three of these meetings are hosted by one of the men’s service clubs in the area. We meet at a church hall, have a meal together, conduct our business meeting and then attend a church service together.

The fourth meeting is held at the Lavrock Centre and involves staying over for a night, usually on a Friday. We have a meal together, followed by an evening of fellowship— game of cards, sing-song, etc. We begin the next day with Eucharist and breakfast and guest speakers. We try to get speakers who are knowledgeable about what is happening in the Diocese or can inform us on issues important to men. We have had speakers from the Hard of Hearing Association, Prostate Cancer Support Group, Queen’s College, Planned Giving and the Diocesan Programme Committee in recent years.

At the Lavrock meeting we also have our annual meeting of D.A.M.A when we conduct the election of officers for the coming year. We are usually finished our business and on our way home by mid-afternoon on Saturday.

D.A.M.A. is a wonderful opportunity for men of the Diocese to renew old friendships and make new ones as well as learn new ways to better serve our own churches.

We are trying to improve our lines of communication between D.A.M.A. and the Men’s Service Clubs. A new resolution has been made to the constitution to make Men’s Service Club Presidents directors of D.A.M.A.

All men of the congregations are members of the Men’s Service Clubs whether they actively support the Club or not. All men are encourage to become actively involved on a local level and also become members of D.A.M.A.


Powers and Duties of Executive

The powers and duties of the Executive, as listed below are intended to augment the constitution of DAMA. Consequently, articles of the constitution are not repeated here. Also, this document should not be read in isolation from the constitution.


The Executive will manage the affairs of the Association.



  1. will preside at all meetings of DAMA and of the executive;
  2. will authorize the call of meetings;
  3. will be ex-officio member of all committees;
  4. will assist in the organization of all activities where required;
  5. will be responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Association.


  1. at the request of the President, will exercise all the powers of the President during the President’s absence or inability to act for any reason;
  2. will assist in the organization of all activities where required.


  1. will attend, or delegate an appointee in his absence, all meetings of the Association and the Executive and will keep a faithful record of the deliberations thereof;
  2. will issue all notices of meetings when required;
  3. will look after all general correspondence of the Association and preserve a record thereof;
  4. will be responsible for the communication of all Association activity to all regular members of the Association;
  5. will produce copies of relevant records when required by any Executive member;
  6. will assist in the organization of all activities where required;
  7. in February of each year, contact member clubs to obtain the names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. of their contacts to DAMA and circulate same to all member branches.


  1. will take charge of all funds, receive all monies due, and deposit same to the credit of the Association in the Chartered Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union designated by the Executive;
  2. will keep an account of all expenditures and receipts in a book belonging to the Association;
  3. will pay out of funds of the Association all such bills as are approved by the executive;
  4. will preserve receipts and vouchers thereof;
  5. will prepare an annual financial statement of the affairs of the Association within one month of the end of the fiscal year of the Association.
  6. will present his records and documents to an auditor of the Association annually or when requested by the Executive.
  7. will be responsible for payments;
  8. will be responsible for the completion and dispatch of forms of a financial nature if and when required.
  9. will assist in the organization of all activities where required.

Public Relations Officer:

  1. prepares reports on Association for distribution to the media.
  2. prepares pamphlets, etc., that are distributed to general populace regarding Association activities, etc..
  3. distributes advertising to general media for Association activities..

Programme Committee Representatve:

  1. receives information from Diocese Programme Committee and disseminates this information to the organization.
  2. represents DAMA at any meetings of the Diocesan Programme Committee.


The Auditor is appointed by the Executive. While not a member of the Executive, the duties of the Auditor are listed here for recording purpose:

  1. will be appointed by the Executive;
  2. will prepare a report on the financial records of the association to be presented at the association’s annual general meeting.

Diocesan Anglican Men’s Association Report

Diocesan Anglican Men’s Association Membership