The purpose and aims of Anglican Church Women are to provide the opportunity in the Diocese for all women to be united in a fellowship of worship, learning and offering with a view to deepen and strengthen their devotional life. It is to make all women of the Diocese aware of the total mission of the Church and to lead them into fuller Christian service.


Membership is open to all women who are supportive of the purposes and aims of ACW.


The work of ACW is done through the primary branches in the parishes and is under the direction and leadership of the Diocesan Council of ACW. Deanery branches are formed for fellowship and the sharing of ideas among primary branches.

The Diocesan Bishop is the Patron of ACW in our Diocese. The Bishop provides guidance and direction in the ongoing work and ministry of ACW. The Deanery branch is under the general direction of the Regional Dean. The Primary branch is under the general direction of the Rector.

ACW works through a Diocesan Council whose function is to promote and co-ordinate the purpose and aims of the organization. Officers who form Diocesan Council are:

  1. The Patron – The Bishop (ex-officio)
  2. The Honorary President – The Bishop’s wife, if applicable.
  3. The Past President – (ex-officio)
  4. The President
  5. The Vice-President
  6. The Recording Secretary
  7. The Corresponding Secretary
  8. The Treasurer
  9. The Deanery Presidents.

The Diocesan Council meeting annually. There shall be a general meeting biennially. Every other year there will be a fellowship meeting. The Diocesan Council Executive is elected and reports received at the biennial meeting.

The Executive of the Council is; the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive meets when necessary.

The Diocesan Council appoints a nominating committee prior to the Biennial Meeting. This committee shall report to the meeting. Nominations from the floor are to be accepted as well.

The Primary branch is the basic unit of the Anglican Church Women It works to fulfil the purposes and aims of ACW within the congregation/parish and co-operation within the Deanery and Diocesan Council The primary branch may form committees to achieve the purposes and aims such as Altar Guild, Social Concern, Family Life, and Worship, Education and Mission.