Anglican Cemetery Committee of St. John’s and Mount Pearl

  • The Anglican Cemetery Committee of St. John’s and Mount Pearl manage two cemeteries in the two communities on behalf of the seven parishes within the two communities (the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Church of the Ascension, the Church of the Good Sheppard, St. Augustine, St. Mark, St, Mary, St. Thomas).
  • The Forest Road Anglican Cemetery commenced use in 1849, and the Kenmount Road Anglican Cemetery in 1971.
  • It has been the tradition of the Anglican Church to provide a dignified burial place, dedicated to the Glory of God, and in keeping with the spiritual values and beliefs of the Anglican Church.
  • The primary objective of the Committee is to provide a dignified interment setting. Our intent is to have attractive park-like lawn areas with trees, flowers and park benches that will provide for remembrance, meditation and tranquility.
  • In Forest Road and Kenmount Road cemeteries, granite columbaria with numerous covered compartments called niches, are used for above ground interment of cremated human remains. Each columbarium is on a patio enhanced by flower beds and park benches, which provide an appropriate atmosphere for remembrance and meditation.
  • The Kenmount Road Cemetery provides plots for inground burial of casket or cremated human remains. Thes plots provide space for memorial flowers or other approved memorial objects.
  • Both cemeteries are open to the public with staff on site Monday to Friday except holidays.
  • Further information on interment options and cemetery fees can be found in the Cemetery Regulations or by contacting cemetery staff.

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